Watermelon Mimosas

Watermelon Mimosas

Over the weekend, my friend Paige came over to see our new place and visit since I haven’t seen her in awhile. We planned to make drinks, and knew we wanted some type of watermelon drink. She loves mimosas as much as I do, but we wanted to try something different so we were both like hey! Lets make fresh watermelon mimosas!

While I was at Trader Joe’s getting all the ingredients, I was thinking it is either going to turn out really bad or really really good HA. Thankfully the watermelon mimosas turned out better than we thought they would. This is such a quick simple drink to make with friends, but can be a little messy (but SO worth it)!!

Quick Recipe/ Ingredients 

  1. Two medium size watermelons

  2. 2 Mint leaves per drink

  3. 5 drops Mint syrup (optional-only add this if you want extra mint)

  4. 1 lime

  5. SPLASH of any tropical juice (optional)

  6. Ice

  7. 1 Bottle of champagne for 4 mimosas/ double recipe for 8 mimosas.


  • One watermelon is for juice, and one is for the fresh melon balls to add to the mimosas (Remember to double this if you are making more than 4 mimosas)

  • Scoop the watermelon and blend it!

  • I added ice because fresh watermelon can be a little thick even after you blend, but this is optional!

  • I added a SPLASH of  “Orange Strawberry Banana Juice” sold at Trader Joe’s to make it a little tropical. I added this as a last step of the mimosa after I poured the mimosas, and before adding the fresh melon balls and mint leaves.

  • I added two melon balls to each mimosa.

  • MIX MIX MIX. Fresh watermelon needs to be stirred with all the ingredients/ champagne in the glass before drinking.

ENJOY! If you make them, leave a comment on this post! I would love to hear how your watermelon mimosas turned out!

xo Sarah KylieO

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