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WHAT A VACAY. Traveling the Caribbean with the Fam was amazing, and of course it was nice to get out of this rainy weather in the Bay Area! I was happy to come back from my vacation to some sunshine here though! I want to definitely thank my mom for planning this amazing vacation for all of us (it was so detailed that I had a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc waiting for me in our fridge lol), but it really was a trip I will never forget!

The first island we went to in the Caribbean was Nassau. It was a small island, and it is actually the capital of the Bahamas. On this island, I was with Megan, Nicole, Jack, and Kyle. We went down some waterslides into a tank full of sharks and then went to the local beach after. It was interesting to see all the locals in tents on the beach selling a bunch of homemade stuff. They had bracelets, handmade paintings of the beach, shell necklaces, and more! We all found a souvenir to take with us to remember Nassau!

Funny short story about the waterslides:

Before going on the LARGEST waterslide in the world, we were deciding if we wanted to go down with or without an inter tube. We had to enter this huge building and go up the entrance to the waterslide, so we didn’t know what it looked like going down. They had the option to either go down alone or with someone. Megan went with Nicole and I went with my brother Jack. My little brother Kyle offered to go solo, which he would later regret (just kidding). We were next in line, and we all thought we would only be able to see the sharks from above and look down to see them swimming underneath us, but nope! We all went down the waterslide, and then ended up in a clear glass tube underwater. The sharks were so close running into the tube we were in! When we first got in the tube, we could hear Kyle behind us saying, “shit shit shit!” as his tube turned around so he didn’t know what he was entering, but it was into with the sharks LOL. Looking back, I think I would want to go on the other water slide they had where you did not use inter tubes. That one would freak me out but also give me a huge adrenaline rush!

The pictures below are in this location!

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.07.06 AM.png
Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.07.16 AM.png

The building behind all the palms is the building to the largest waterslide in the world! It had an amazing view from up top.

Screen Shot 2019-04-14 at 12.08.37 AM.png

The sand and water in Nassau was so beautiful. It was easy to lay on the beach all day listening to the ocean and walking in the warm sand. The ocean was like bath water, and the island had a lot of sea turtles you could see when they came up for air! Also, I saw a HUGE sting ray in the ocean. I looked down and all I saw was a black shadow at first, and then realized it was a huge sting ray. Of course, I did not want to be in the water with that big thing!

OH! And this is where I found the cutest Starbucks ever. It was a little shack, and I was freaking out when I first saw it. People kept getting in the way of my Starbucks pics, but I managed to get one.

What did the rest of the fam do while we were doing all this fun stuff? ….They were at the local casino! They got a tour of the island too, but they all said they wanted to do something low-key at this specific island and do some sight seeing! All that matters is they had a lot of fun like we did, and they also won some money! We all met up for dinner and went to this place called “Hibachi”, and they actually have one I know of in Anaheim, California that is so good!! After dinner, we went back to our suite and there was desserts on our table, a cooler of beer, and Piña Coladas waiting for us! There was a Broadway show of “Mama Mia” that night, and the cast was all amazing. It was a great way to end the night with the whole family.

I had so much fun on this island, and would definitely recommend visiting Nassau if you are ever traveling the Caribbean!

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Floral Jumsuit: I borrowed this jumpsuit from my friend Sara, and it is from

Tie up heels: Vince Camuto

Cherry Bomb One Piece: Tularosa the label from

Black One Piece: Pacsun 

White Bikini: Forever 21 (The high waisted bottom are so comfy!)

Poloroid: Taken with an Intax Mini Polaroid Camera


Xo Sarah Kylie

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