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Many people who are from Gilroy will agree with me that even though this city can be boring at times, we do have some of the best wineries. Whenever I am back home in Gilroy, I find myself always ending up at one of the wineries wine tasting  (lol I had to get some Sauvignon Blanc!)… but really, how does this always happen to me?

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If your not from Gilroy, but live somewhere in the Bay Area, I would definitely recommend trying out some of the wineries in Gilroy if you are ever passing by.

My favorite wineries in Gilroy:

Clos LaChance– Best for events and walking around (I could spend all day here). Also, has concerts and puts on other special events.

Sarah’s Vinyard– Cute outdoor seating for wine tasting/ or glass of wine.

Fortino’s Has concerts and puts on special events. In my opinion, has the best wine!

Solis– I love Solis because it is a little smaller than the other wineries but has a nice backyard patio feel, and overlooks the vineyard. Really good rose!

I come from a family who drinks wine like water, but I have learned a lot about wines because of it! Shout out to my mom for always offering a nice glass of wine and telling me what it is, pinpointing what is in it, and where it’s from (sorry for throwing you under the bus mom, but those of you close to me knows my mom is good with wines).

There are so many other wineries in Gilroy, but these are just some of my personal faves! If you are from Gilroy, what are your favorite wineries and why? Leave a comment below on this post!

xo Sarah Kylie

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