Huntington Beach Getaway

Do you ever just want to get out of town and go somewhere different than what your used to seeing everyday? My go to place to get away is anywhere on a beach. The beach calms me and seems to always be my happy place. This time, our beach weekend getaway was in Huntington Beach, CA. The beach was calling our name!

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Something about the beach gets me to not think about other things I may be thinking about, but I’m sure a lot of you could say the same. It gives me a moment to stop, breathe, and appreciate the beautiful sky, the breeze, and the salty ocean.

Huntington was the perfect weekend getaway. It is far enough, but not too far. We Relaxed on the beach during the day, ate at different restaurants by the beach, and then at night we went to this rooftop bar called Tanner’s Treehouse.

If you go to Huntington, I definitely recommend going to Tanners Treehouse at the Passea Hotel to get drinks. There is a cute lounge area up there and a DJ comes at night on the weekends. It was a fun atmosphere!

Have any of you been to Tanner’s Treehouse? Comment on this post!

xo Sarah Kylie

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